Case Maker Machine

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All the operations are executed by the operator sitting down in front of the machine, The operator passes the paper into the gluing unit. Under his seat are place n.02 foot Switches, The 1st Switch the coming out of some paper references placed on the suction plane, to get the exact placing of the paper. The 2nd Switch the vacuum system and coming down of the board reference device on the suction plane.

The operator, after the gluing, laces the boards into the board device, Obtaining the maximum accuracy. Then, he pushes the product towards the turning in of the 4 sides in tow times. With the 1st operation are executed n.02 sides, then the product comes back on the suction plane, the operator starts the 4 corners by hand turns the product and pushes it again into the turning in unit for execution of the remaining 2 sides and for the total processing of the whole product. At this point the working process is finished and the final product comes out and it is collected into and inclined plane, placed behind the turning in unit. Window pasting and folding also possible.

Min. case size  100mm x 160mm Power 2 Kw., 3 Phases
Max. case size 450mm x 800mm Dimensions H 1075mm x L1600mm x
L1600mm x W 1200mm
Paper thickness 60gsm – 170gsm Weight 600Kgs.
Board thickness 0.5mm – 5mm Gluing System Bottom
Turning-in width  15mm – 30mm Man power One
Production  300 cases/hr Glue Hot / Cold (Optional)
Materials   Paper, Laminated Paper, Plastic coated, Paper, Clothes etc.

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